Crown On The Head of a King of Mud, by Human Failure!

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Anarchy, a theme often misused for a bunch of theories and doctrines. But it can also serve to vent your anger or to generate totally fucked soundscapes. And Human Failure here seem to be angry to the boiling point, at humanity in particular. To the point that – apparently – our only hope is a noose.

And sometimes it behooves us adepts of Extreme Metal to remember how truly disjointed real raw and archaic extreme metal music feels like. Stuff that goes way beyond conventions and styles. A place where non-melody rules and noize will make the daemonic Black Metal squad sound like a kids’ birthday party at the petting zoo.

So, here we came across Crown On The Head of a King of Mud. A short blurb of some 15 minutes of dissonance that makes Dodecahedron sound weak by comparison. And luckily it’s only that short, such intensity quickly turns into overload. So, short is good.

The record attacks straight with raw electronic noise elements that insanely scratch across your eardrums until the thundering drums kick in. That’s when that mix of raw Death Metal growls and blackened rasps really sent this crew’s attention levels soaring. And once the meaty riffs rumble forward with their punkish airs and that barebone, almost nihilistic sound structure, we were sold.

Human Failure created a soundscape that scrapes the aforementioned bones squeaky clean before throwing them into a box so that the noise they make will sound better. As in disjointed and decidedly vile. There is no flesh left, and only barbaric soundbites survive the chaos. Those that mercilessly scream their absurd message at a mute audience.

Crown On the Head of a King of Mud truly turned out to be that delicious fodder for an angry afternoon. A truly unhinged, anarchic jumble of noize, dissonance, and total metallic mayhem.

And that’s just what the good doctor (from hell) ordered.

Ed’s note: More unhinged? Try Enragement.

LabelSentient Ruin / Caligari | Web: –
Release Date: 7 May 2021

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