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Ah, we are having a distinct Death Metal fest this year, methinks. Azaab just visited these pages with a novel concept not very long ago. Yet, it wasn’t quite brutal enough to make it onto the malevolent 2022 series.1) For that we don’t need avant-garde, we need Atrocities so bad that the covers of Cannibal Corpse will seem like a kids’ cartoon. Break out yer paintbrushes.

But first, a public service announcement. If you’re looking for the intricate beauty in Enragement‘s newest record, its connection to the mysterious forces of Gaia, or its contribution to peace and love, better turn around and fire up some Amaranthe. Instead, this sounds like the undead crew of Sabaton in a parallel universe of the far future on a bloody rampage. You know, the previously slaughtered hopeless ones that ditched all resemblance to Power Metal and just live by immortal ferocity and mindless pandemonium.

Atrocities just rocked us back on our heels. The record starts its ghoulish onslaught with a disjointed all-out attack. A somewhat unhinged endless cannonade of Technical Death Metal that will make the folks from Archspire sound like weekend warriors. A bunch of choirboys out for some harmless evening fun. In other words, Enragement here truly have Death Metal in their blood and the technical parts of metal engrained in their mutual DNA. Behemoth on fucking steroids with a truly mean streak, like.

The band indicates that the whole record speaks about human depravity, the depths of malignance our brethren sometimes visit on each other. But whilst the growls are varied and come in at breakneck speed, there’s no way that any of the lyrics will make any sense. Good Death Metal croaks won’t let you understand a thing. They could very well bitch about little green men on Mars, and we wouldn’t know better.

Now, whilst the aforementioned Archspire excelled in Death Metal geekery, Atrocities here seems to want to bludgeon you to death, chiefly by throwing the kitchen sink and the whole bathroom after you as well, for good measure. The somewhat crackbrained song structures bulge with rapid changes in tempi, styles, elements new and old, and – indeed – some subdued melodic injections. Boy, even the attached video below almost gives me seizures.

All of the above is (of course) immediately squelched by the mortally dangerous drumming that hits ye from all sides like some artillery barrage. Some pretty wild riffs suddenly add themselves to the fray. And those can resolve into some almost acoustic guitar interludes without prior notice. Plus a few short solos that the crew here truly appreciated.

Atrocities does not contain any harmless gurgling, but the true anger-fueled display of an all-out ferocious assault. And these are well-varied expert growls that relentlessly raid your eardrums. All of this comes at a level of intensity that adepts of the metal of light will find difficult to stomach. Let alone noobish beginners of metal. So, if you’re no trve acolyte of the metal underground, this record may not be for you.

But let’s put a fence around this mad dance here, lest something will escape and hurt someone. Atrocities gorges with pretty outstanding Brutal and Technical Death Metal, no contest. But it also is one of the wildest Extreme Metal pieces we covered so far. You see, the RMR crew understands the pain the band wishes to portray and humanity often sucks. But to depict our brethren’s mindless fury correctly, you need trve mastery, careful arrangement, and a production that is beyond pristine. Just slamming about like the war monster on the cover art ain’t going to cut it. Thus, we found pretty outstanding musical prowess, but one that mistakes brutality with excellence.

And that’s not a spot for us to linger for too long. Nor will we return to this record any time soon.

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Record Rating: 4/10 | LabelRising Nemesis Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 29 April 2022


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