Newsflash: The Veiled Enigma of Concilivm!

RockmusicRaider - Concilivm - The Veiled Enigma - Album Cover

If you think that NordWitch is blackened enough for your taste, then you never heard about Concilivm and their brand of Blackened Death Metal. They joined this unholy world in 2017 and are now re-issuing their 2018 blurb The Veiled Enigma on CD. 

This is one typical underground band from Chile that sets its sights on the old-style groove of long-gone times.

But this is exactly what drew us to this band and their tune. If we can call it that. Gone are all these polished new sounds that permeate the modern Death and Black Metal concoctions. Only downturned guitars, snare-heavy drum work, and the deep growls that go with this genre. And all that delivered in a tremolo-infested splendor that will please the Dark Lord and make the traditional Black Metal outfits go pale with envy. Deadly pale.

Not that The Veiled Enigma is without some whiff of modernity. You do find the melodic twist here and there. Ars Magna even gets you a hint of a solo for a few seconds. Kind of to remind everyone what could have been. If only.

But hey, Concilivm brought us a tasty morsel of old-style Blackened Death Metal and Northern Black Metal for the acolytes of the fiery pit. If you are into this genre, then you will enjoy its sturdy and unholy airs.

Go for it.

Label: Dawning Septic Productions | Web: Bandcamp
Release date: 31 May 2019

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