Newsflash: There is Nothing for Void King!

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Hell’s Bells!

Now I am really feeling stoned. I just successfully navigated through a series of listens of the US stoner/doom band Void King and their debut and self-released album There is NothingVery nihilistic, ain’t it?

You will find an intense soundscape with a gazillion of downturned, excellent riffs assaulting you from every corner.

The record surprises with a grungy, doomy, metal-infused Stoner Rock from back in time. All of this is fittingly supplemented by Jason Kindred‘s gritty vocals. At times their tune sounds like some unclean, drunken¬†version of the biggies in the Doom world, like Paradise Lost.

But beware!

This is a tough piece of gristle served to you, not your nicely carved filet piece. In a way, their style seems to be inspired by crimes King Goat committed lately – or vice versa.

So, don’t get your hopes up that this will be easily digestible to serve for a romantic evening. No sir, this is heavy tissue, and you will need a sturdy stomach to metabolize it all.

And as it always is with tough meat: Cook slowly and for a long time. Then eat hot. ‘Cause once you get into the groove, you are gonna like it and it will follow you around. I guarantee it.

Void King came into existence in 2014 in Indianapolis, IN in the US of A. There is Nothing is a pretty cool feat for a relatively young band.

They will be going far in their niche and we can’t wait to get our hands on their next record.

Well done.

Fancy a listen? Here’s a live version for ya:

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 21 June 2016

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