Who remembers Arven? A cool sound, gone forever?

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When the RockmusicRaider blog was still kinda in search of itself, we stumbled across Arven. An almost girlie band, with Till Felden, the drummer. But it wasn’t tremendous female power that caught our attention, it was their style.

Arven boasted this eclectic mix of Gothic and symphonically tainted, folksy Melodic Metal. A contribution to the metal multiverse that did not quite fit the mold – at all. And this is why the crew over here started to concentrate ever more on what this band was all about.

To render this all more interesting, Carina Hanselmann – their frontwoman – impressed us with her somewhat enigmatic, classically tainted style. None of your usual screamers that populate the metal soundscapes.

With all that metal goodness that kinda sat athwart everything that the trve metal lore said it should be, this became an almost irresistible band for us. One we ended up covering, for all of the two studio records that Arven ever produced.

Yet sadly, Arven disbanded in 2015 and has not shown any sign of life ever since. And that is a real pity. This horde had so much potential to go way beyond of what they finally managed to deliver.

But for some reason, they were not able to resurrect themselves, after the main guitarist of the band – Ines Thomé – left. Rumor has it that – without a real driving force within the band – their musical differences were that final straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

As to the RMR blog, here are the links to the reviews we did back in time. Happy reading:

Well, the RMR deck crew still hopes Arven will revive someday. We do have that nostalgic nerve, you know. This thing that everything in the past was way better.

But in truth, they’re probably not ever coming back. In the meantime, here’s one great video they produced. To pass eternity, like.

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