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You know, I came across this band kind of by accident. And – at first – I thought them to be without much merit. Not a tune for this cold metal heart. Right?

But how far from the truth! Music of Light has that knack to convince you otherwise, and quickly. An offering from Arventhe most amazing German almost girl band. A bunch of girls, plus Till, the lucky drummer.

Music of Light features a beautiful variation of rock, a kind of Gothic rock metal, and then again symphonic with metal injections. Am I making sense yet? 

And – suddenly – the tune takes off with some very good solo here and there, very professionally played and cool to hear. So, I am torn to call this Melodic Metal, Symphonic Metal, or just Gothic Metal. There is metal in there everywhere, you know. This is an amazing delivery for a debut album like this one.

A really talented bunch.

The lead singer Carina Hanselmann, with her beautiful voice and reach really took my breath away. You can let her carry you somewhere on the tunes she so nicely sings throughout the record. Kind of for a quiet winter night, lying in the bathtub with candles around you.

On the downward side, Music of Light sometimes lacks drive and energy. And suffers from a certain predictability with no surprises. All of that is a little too quiet for my taste – I admit. The songs themselves, however, appear to be well written and even better executed. 

Starting with a somewhat subdued, but beautifully executed Music of Light (the title track), their tune gets rockier as we move forward. Until it hits the ballad My Dear Friend, which quickly became one of my favorites. Dark Red Desire – strong and fast – precedes Midwinter Nights, a song of the mystical kind. The old tale of kings and dragons on a quest. What can I say, we heard that one before. But it’s a jolly, dandy tune nonetheless.

The last two songs are very different in style, Ruined Castle, fast-paced with a metal touch, something that could – and I say could – possibly come from the area of Within Temptation. The album is rounded up with A Stranger’s Story, very good Gothic Metal (there you go) mostly, but soft and slow in some other areas.

Arven display their very own brand of rock or metal, and sturdily so. I really enjoyed Music of Light. This band has a helluva lot of potential and I have hopes they will go very far. Looking forward to their next record.

Ways to go, band.


Ed’s note: The review made it onto the first ever Intermittent Best Of. Congrats!

Arven officially disbanded in 2015. This band had great, great promise and I am saddened that things went the way they did. Let’s hope that they will re-emerge one day in some way or form, unlikely as this may be.

Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Massacre Records | Web: –
Release date: 23 September 2011

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