Nightwish – Once (2004) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Nightwish - Once - Album CoverYes, it is! The 2004 release Once of Finnish metallers Nightwish really is … typical Nightwish fare after all. But with a real hard-edge Heavy Metal twist that I have not seen displayed yet by this band; before and after this record. ‘Cause the ones that came before – for instance Oceanborn and to a lesser extent Century Child – ended up being some sort of a uniform amalgam of stuff. Power Metal and Gothic Metal – yes to an extent – but nothing really knocking the socks off my feet. And the albums following this here release are of a different style in a sense.

Once already exudes a certain transformational look and feel.

The band secured the use of a full orchestra for the first time – the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Ghost Love Score already features some characteristics that could be found much later, notably to a large extent in Imaginaerum. Much to the dislike of the purist addicts of their former style of course, bemoaning the fate that got them cold.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Nightwish – Imaginaerum (2011) – Review

Kind of seamlessly (in style, not in time) following Dark Passion Play, Nightwish created this 7th studio album with the idea to have it follow a film that should have been created in tandem. Did not quite work out that way - it seems - but never mind.

The music is fast, rocky and very well structured  - the orchestra underlay is great.

Anette Olzon – Shine (2014) – Review

After her somewhat unconventional and forced departure from Nighwish - to say the least - Anette was looking for a calling and identity in music for a considerable amount of time.

So, what a nice surprise to find this album. Not what I expected - mind you - and at first I thought it sucked. But actually it rocks - in a geeky Anetty kind of way. Makes sense? Probably not yet. 


Much more aligned to her personality, she managed to turn her bad experience into some sort of a success story. I must say, I am thrown.