Newsflash: Jupiter Hollow embark on an Odyssey!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Jupiter Hollow - Odyssey - Album CoverHoly. Fucking. Metal. Cow. Where did this one come from? And is it really metal? Not quite. But there is hope for the Prog genre after all. Help is on the way – so to say. But do I indeed hear Leprous rummaging around backstage? Whispering about how the soundscape should look like? Well, not quite as straightforward as that neither. But what the Canadians of Jupiter Hollow serve you as their firstling is real hefty Progressive Rock with some metal infusions.

Their furious début EP Odyssey is a complex and captivating piece of work and you will have to carve out some quality time to give it a listen. Not something for lazy Sunday afternoons after the roast and potatoes have been consumed. This Southern Comfort laced and very tasty chunk of prog is just irresistibly irresistible. And they take the experimentation to the limit. Mixing a gazillion of styles in rapid succession, their tune suddenly disintegrates into a more brutal – and dare I say it – more metally fused sound, yet still strangely reminiscent of Steven Wilson on his best days.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!