Insomnium – One for Sorrow (2011) – Review

Ah, yes! Sleepless music for the sleepless, made by the Sleepless Ones from Finland. And from where else? The land of eternal night. A bit subdued, I would say, but still trademark 'Insomnium' fare. 

Complex tunes established around the grunts of Niilo Sevänen, just great Melodic Death Metal at its best. Like freshly ground coffee, to be enjoyed by preference in the morning as a little breakfast music. And it is Melodeath with a Doom component that is very pronounced. 

Perhaps they are pushing the melancholic button a bit too often.

Insomnium – Shadows of the Dying Sun (2014) – Review

God, what a great sound coming out of my earphones from The Sleepless Ones. Deep, dark, great, crunchy Melodic Death Metal. And of the doom kind, I might add. The Finnish band 'Insomnium' delivers great sounding stuff, shockingly - LOL - sometimes produced in Clear Vocals, which will have my beloved purists' tongues wagging the wrong way again. 

But you know what? This just sounds great. Kind of like the Black Sabbath on steroids of the Melodeath scene, minus Ozzy's metallic whine of course and their world-famous and devilishly good tritones.