Mighty Oaks – Live Review – Montreux Jazz Festival 2022

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Live Review - Mighty Oaks - Montreux Jazz Festival 2022

It is true. RMR lost track of Mighty Oaks somewhat. The freshness of their first full-length album, Howl, got that band firmly on our radar – initially. That’s the sound and the refreshing energy that we fancy from a Folk and Folk Rock band. Unfortunately, the thrill levels were less pronounced once Dreamers came online. And we were only marginally more impressed by the 2020 piece All Things Go.

So, increased metal urges and the belief that Mighty Oaks firmly went down pop lane made us ignore their 2021 piece Mexico. And that wasn’t the best call … [...] Click to raid more!

Jestr – The Dead & Riches (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Jestr - The Dead & Riches - Album Cover

Alright, let’s move away from all those Post Metal folks for a minute. You know, the ones that don’t quite want to be metal anymore. But they haven’t quite decided yet if or if not being a real rock band might be great, too.

So, whilst the latter folks are kinda undecided, you get outfits out there that have rock written all over their flags and banners. And it’s on one of those that RMR will focus a bit better in the near future. Because – like it or not – the masters of ‘zine management neglected true rock way … [...] Click to raid more!

Mighty Oaks – All Things Go (2020) – Review

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36 minutes of ecstasy after three years of wait, barely enough time to qualify as a full-length record. That is the listening pleasure that Mighty Oaks accord us in 2020.

Albeit that All Things Go boasts a tracklist of 11 short songs, which should be plenty to add a little flesh to the bones. But all of those are pointedly timed at some three minutes or so, something that a pretty mainstream punk rock band would strive for. Yet, this band here ain’t one of them.

You see, I had hopes that the change to BMG would get Mighty Oaks[...] Click to raid more!

Mighty Oaks – Dreamers (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider - Mighty Oaks - Dreamers - Album Cover

The crew populating the vast office spaces at the RMR Tower sometimes says the damnedest things. Like this promise we made a long time ago after the Howl review released. The statement was that we would be back shortly with this review that – today – finally gets a taste of our writing prowess.

So, here we are back with Mighty Oaks‘s sophomore full-length album Dreamers. And a long wait it was indeed.

But, you see, there’s a reason for everything.

The time the second record comes around is a turning point for any band. Either it kicks … [...] Click to raid more!