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RockmusicRaider Review - Vallorch - Until Our Tale is Told - Album Cover The Italian Folk Metal band VallorcH released their sophomore full-length album Until Our Tale Is Told back towards the end of 2015. The band takes a pretty folksy, yet metallic approach to local themes, mainly based on the remnants of the local Cimbrian culture of the highlands North of Venice. 

The outcome is a pretty sturdy brand of Folk Metal. Kind of similar to outfits like Huldre and Infinitas. Complete with a female front and growling provided by the male vocalist at every corner of the road. 

By contrast, other bands in the genre, for example their counterparts Kanseil and their latest album Doin Earde take a different, more medievally tainted route of the very same subject matter.  

VallorcH came into existence in 2010 and released a first EP in 2012. The first full length album Neverfade followed the year thereafter. After that they played a number of gigs, getting some serious action under their belts. 

Until Our Tale Is Told released electronically in 2015, now followed with a full CD in 2016. Now, the mix of using archaic instruments and modern Death and Folk Metal elements in their tune adds a lot of spice to this risotto they are presenting to us. A pretty cool level of dissonance too. I especially like their use of the accordion, which puts them alongside bands like Finsterforst.

Whilst Until Our Tale Is Told displays a pretty wild and blatant over-compression in many areas, the band’s ideas behind the songs are not bad at all. Moving from Folk over Thrash and Death Metal elements and then back again is the hallmark of a creative musical know-how. And they execute that difficult switch pretty effortlessly. The additional use of archaic instruments, coupled with serious riffing and soloing, plus the contribution of the female lead singer generate that special flavor that will separate VallorcH from other bands in the genre.

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Label: Nemeton Records  | Web: Facebook 

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