Video: Kanseil release Boscars in full acoustic mode!

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RMR followed Kanseil for some time already. Known for their somewhat gnarly Folk Metal delivered in part in an ancient dialect and a lot of Italian, they did manage to secure full reviews for Doin Earde and Fulische already.

You see, our deck crew always has a lookout at the masthead to scout for such bands. The ones outside of the mainstream, which unerringly take to their own path. Stony as it may be. And this band got on our good side pretty quickly.

It is funny, though, how many of those Folk Metal outfits are – at their very base – actually pure Folk bands. It is almost like a law of physics, their unplugged versions often sound better than their metal incarnations. For example, Eluveitie dropped a true bombshell with Evocation II – Pantheon. Hell, even Epica really sounds superb with their gorgeous unplugged versions of their often strained metal pieces.

And it is only a matter of time until any new or not so new Folk Metal band will try their wares on real instruments. So, lo and behold, here we have Kanseil announcing an acoustic, totally unplugged new record coming up in 2020. And RockmusicRaider will be all over it, make no mistake.

The band now released Boscars, the first extract from their upcoming EP Cant Del Corlo. The track sounds promising and we can’t wait to get our hands on the piece. You’ll never know, perhaps the EP is so good, it will garner a full review.

And hey, the video already got on the blog, despite the fact that it is a lyrics piece. But we judged it addictive enough to publish. So that’s proof of quality right there.

In this light and until we get the real deal, here is Boscars from one promising Folk Metal band from Italy. A tasty tune, this time fully acoustic and unplugged.

LabelRockshots Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 10 January 2020

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