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Okay, I admit it. Throughout the clip I waited for the trademark Black Metal screams that Myrkur is famous for. Amalie Bruun surprised me so many times since her first Black Metal piece we covered, I just don’t trust the soft sweet music that’s wafting from my boomboxes anymore.

Yet here, Leaves of Yggdrasil is true folk of the pagan kind. An extract of the upcoming album Folkesange that should air later in March 2020.

Why – by Loki – they chose this bizarre triangle theme that feels like the return to The Darkside of the Moon (Pink Floyd, 1973) is beyond me. Something leafier and innovative might have been much more powerful. Kinda along with the lore of the Northern Gods. After all, Yggdrasil is at the very center of all those stories and legends.

But the somewhat lukewarm movie performance aside, it is the music that fascinated me. Leaves of Yggdrasil gets you this thoughtful blend of Loreena McKennit and Enya on a foundation of the leafy Huldre. Looks like Myrkur found her (new) calling and will join the ethereal ones.

Which is an interesting development, by the way. Our outlook at the masthead reports a new drive towards acoustically driven Pagan Folk. Something we will continue to watch closely.

So, with that in mind, we will assume that Myrkur stands for folk, for now. And from the sound and feel of this song and the talent behind it, we may have something to look for.

Now, without further ado, here’s the video for Leaves of Yggdrasil:

LabelRelapse Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release date: 11 February 2020

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