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I already got a kick out of the opening drawl on the clip – and I quote – “…with a car entering highway 66, off route 6…”. That’s so cliché, the hook was in my flesh before I even watched the piece.

Well, hells bells, Red Cain are at it again.

This time with Juliet, lifted straight off their latest full-length Kindred: Act I. And that’s the second steely hook right there. Because – by Loki’s minions – you just can’t resist the vocalist lustily croaking “…Julieeeet, lips like strychnine, mannequin queen, she stands…”. The song is full of those lines, by the way. And sometimes at levels that are way too juicy for their own good in their darkly gothic splendor.

Red Cain chose that age-old theme of the ghostly hitch-hiker. The one that leads the lonely driver astray somehow, or at least tries to. Stories with that motive are legion and scattered all over the globe, ranging from bloodlust to the lost entity looking for salvation.

Now, in Juliet – the movie – the band linked ghost encounters with that old drift of those ’80s horror movies. That chips-flavored, bear-soaked, wide-eyed shudder telling you that lonely highways at night and vile debauchery are bad – so very bad – for your health. And sex without marriage vows will get you killed. And that’s as certain as the amen in church or the apple pie on grandma’s kitchen table. But this time it will be something like Friday 13th without Jason. Ah, so many more clichés that are served with “…deadly wine for dead men…”.

But Juliet is no rehash of old movie props, no axes or chainsaws in sight anywhere. Whilst the scary movie detector got the sources straight, the crew packaged all that goodness into a super-tight, modern-day storyline that will captivate you from beginning to end. Right down to the final scene when the main character finds himself staring at the place of the demise of his red-headed ghostly companion.

In short, Red Cain got themselves a top-notch video. True movie quality that deserves the awards it already won. I am impressed.

Here’s the clip. But do yourself a favor and don’t switch off the light, lest you find yourself with ghostly visitors. And they ain’t all that nice.

Ed’s note: The piece successfully made it onto our 2020 Top 3 list for videos and EPs. Congrats!

LabelSliptrick Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 27 May 2020

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