Video: Serene Dark walk Where Time Drowns Still!

RockmusicRaider - Serene Dark - Where Time Drowns Still - Track Cover

You know, sometimes you have to grab them by the swagger. The bands that show some spice, cocksure of their epic prowess in all things metal.

But then again, we kinda appreciate that trait over here at RMR, too. 

So, here’s to Serene Dark who do advertise their trade in a way that made us unsure (at first) if their approach was only just confidence. Something that needs to be followed up by real action, like them Northern warriors of olden times that existed by their codex. And only by their codex.

To top it, the band joins us from peaceful Canada, out of the serene city of Ottawa. So, it is pretty much impossible to be faced by some fiercely brutal Black Metal.

Or is it? Because come to think of it, we did cover bands like Abbath or Forteresse before. 

Serene Dark wish to emerge on the scene – and I quote – “like a blackened metallic phoenix rising from the ashes of their previous band” and “to take their extreme metal to new heights”. Now to top it, and as the unholy cherry on this blackened cake, “to unleash a blistering force of evil”. Wow, that’s quite a mission statement right there.

And you know what?

They kind of do what they promise. Their single Where Time Drowns Still does indeed revive this old-style, Scandinavian Black Metal goodness that we started to miss over time. Even if for our metal-damaged ears, the style is still a tad too refined, believe it or not.

Yet, we found the way Serene Dark hiss their metallic poison at the audience with truly refreshing energy, booming drum work, and resounding riffing included. A trve piece of Extreme and Black Metal that gave us pause, and made us wonder how their upcoming album will shape up.

This is why we decided to share this excerpt from future works. Even if the execution and storyline of the clip are less than stellar, and it is a lyrics video only.

Here it is Where Time Drowns Still. Enjoy:

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site
Release date: 23 May 2019

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