Batushka and Bartłomiej Krysiuk seek The Truth.

RockmusicRaider - Batushka Controversy - The Truth by Bartłomiej Krysiuk

The saga of the two Batushkas continues, and the controversy with it. This time with a teaser of an upcoming video from Bart’s camp. One that should whisk all doubts about the trve story of Batushka to fairyland. And provide us with the genuine narrative of this convoluted affair.


It is indeed true that Bartłomiej Krysiuk was not all that vocal about the ongoing Batushka controversy. A silence of the lambs of sorts. One probably brought about by the legal eagles of the mighty Metal Blade Records. The gold givers and enablers of posh touring and lavish concerts for the true Batushka, as they like to call themselves. Gotta travel in style, that’s for sure.

Only that Hospodi did not really garner a gazillion of brownie points from the RMR deck crew. Nor does it seem that the fan crowd, in general, is really thrilled about this unholy concoction.

This whole back and fro between Krysiuk and Krzysztof Drabikowski (‘old’ Batushka, Panihida) somewhat reminds me of that mess Gorgoroth went through years ago. This happened when Gaahl and King ov Hell challenged Infernus for the use of the band name. It started in 2007 with King filing a trademark application with the Norwegian industrial property office. An action that was finally settled in court only in 2009. With Infernus still firmly in place.

Sounds familiar, right?

Yep, pretty much the same happened here with Krysiuk obtaining the trademark for Batushka. Drabikowski, of course, would not have it, and now it is all in the hands of legal authorities in Poland. To spice this up some more, we hear that the Polish courts grind on at a considerably slower pace than in Norway. We should thus expect much more delay until a final resolution will be reached.

And that will provide all parties involved with enough rope to either hang themselves or to succeed.

So – lo and behold – the next chapter appears to be in preparation already. We are led to believe that one version of ‘the truth’ will uncover itself in the foreseeable future. A video apparently sponsored by the camp of Bartłomiej Krysiuk. Something that this crew here is eager to see.

In time, when and if it happens.

Ed’s note – June 2022: Since its announcement in 2019, nothing has happened and we’re still waiting. And we are doubtful that anything ever will. It is however a fact that the legal proceedings are still ongoing. But I would not count on a documentary anytime soon.

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