Video: Xaon release Eros!

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Xaon first got on the RMR metal detection radar with their EP Face of Balaam some years back. The full-length The Drift followed in 2017, which already showed tendencies of abject symphonics on a bed of crunchy metal.

Now, the band followed this up with a new record called Solipsis in 2019 that sadly escaped our review pipe until now. Well, never say never, and this reviewer may still find time to get to it until the year is out.

Yet, here I stumbled across their newest video Eros from the aforementioned album. The change in direction really hits you straight away. In truth, their melodic streak was already visible on The Drift. But never were Xaon epically challenged in quite that sophisticated way. And this made the RMR deck crew watch the clip for longer than we probably should have.

But – boy – this video is artfully done. From smartly executed acoustics, over the remarkable drum work, outstanding riffing and soloing, to the somewhat symbiotic existence of clears and growls. It is all there and perfectly supported by the storyline that plays out in the Spanish desert and in a chapel in Mulhouse in France of all places.

But hey, enough of the gushing. Here’s to Eros, a clip this crew truly enjoyed.

Label: Mighty Music | Web: Official Site
Release date: 27 September 2019

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