Feuerschwanz and Black Metal? Try Schubsetanz.

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Who would have thought that Feuerschwanz would ever appear on this blog? And for a metal clip, no less.

But the Black Metal version of their 2018 piece Schubsetanz was just irresistible. You see, the original is downright silly, yet this one gets you a perfect parody of Black Metal and its worst antics.

And the crew here couldn’t really withstand the juicy allure of this mix of Rammstein’s dance metal, Cradle of Filth, and the funky energy of Nanowar of Steel. From a band that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously at the same time, and we appreciate that.

And let’s not forget the line “Schubsetanz ist Rittersport” delivered Gorgoroth-style that reduced us to helpless mirth. You see, the German word Rittersport translates into something like knight’s sport. Easy, right? But – at the same time – ‘Rittersport’ is also a well-known brand of German chocolate.1) So, we had these weird visions of Gaahl crunching chocolate bars during live concerts with pigs on stakes. I spare ye the details.

Of course, the outstanding quality of the video itself really got our attention first. The film crew really drew pretty much on every stereotype that the gothic and blackened metal universes can dredge up. And it’s artfully done, too. With a lot of drama, blood-soaked insinuation, and loads of fun.

And I think that Varg will become depressive. Somebody just stole their new vocation that they continue to search for – yet again. And I am still laughing.

In the meantime, why don’t you check out this metallic version of Schubsetanz? The RMR deck crew here really had a lot of fun with it, and so should you.

LabelNapalm Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 11 February 2021


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