Instigate – Unheeded Warnings of Decay (2022) – Review

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Instigate - Unheeded Warnings of Decay - Album Cover

Oh boy. Sometimes I’m glad that a band cheated, only delivered some 35 minutes of airtime, AND had the gall to call that a full-length album. This happens when the levels of metal intensity levels shoot straight through the roof. And we had attacks like that of bands with a serious speed problem in the past.

It’s for felt ages that the RMR crew tried to find more reasonably grinding Death Metal with an itch for outrageous tech and brutality. Instigate here pushed themselves to the forefront. But can they beat established Tech Death bands that made an appearance on this ‘zine already? Let the selection routine begin. Bread and circuses for everyone.

At first, Unheeded Warnings of Decay gets you some diversion. Witness of the End Times greets you with some pretty neat dissonance that increased our blood pressure some. But – alas – once the ‘Hell Yeah’ screams ceased to echo off our walls, some brutally heavy Technical Death Metal started roaring out of our music machine. But, the disappointment soon waned. After all, this is the barebone, rough ‘n’ slammin’ onslaught the RMR crew is always looking for. Despite the fact that some newbies in the business state that we’re all beating a dead horse that can only be revived with more melody.1) A point of view, we of course heartily disagree with.

Now, at the same time, it’s the drum patterns that usurped our attention. You see, Instigate is yet another band that forgot that they need a drummer. It’s a familiar picture, though. The genre is populated by technicians that like to experiment with their guitars and then bludgeon everything to death with in-yer-face growls. And they tend to forget the master of tempi. So, who’s wielding the sticks? Well, the band sports a member from Perugia in Italy.2) So, this unsettling déjà-vu is thus confirmed. It’s Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse, also from Perugia) who – yet again – took a seat at the drum kit. And we were truly blown away by his performance.

Now, the ceaseless and vicious vocal onslaught of Stefano Borciani really took us by storm. Albeit that some more variation might have been in order. But then again, this is also part of such a record. Unheeded Warnings just slams everything down your throat, you might want it or not. And – to top all – the vocals indeed provide some order into this mess of cut-off heavy riffs, thunderous chugging, and Paoli‘s relentless blast beats. Yet again, this makes the record rumble pleasantly across your stomach, once you let the bass roar at full tilt.

In the end, though, Unheed Warnings of Decay is living proof that established musicians can just step in and create a memorable debut album. This is what Instigate here did. They created a piece that’s pleasantly ferocious3), and – at the same time – delivers enough furious groove as to get the RMR review committee’s full attention.

Oh, and if you feel somewhat brutalized after a full run of the record, don’t worry. It’s the usual state of affairs – and you should not expect anything else. These bands will always try to grind you into the dust and try to wear you out with a full metal onslaught. And that’s why the RMR crew here is grateful for a shorter airtime, lest metal exhaustion might set in that may make you explore your classical roots. And that would be a terrible thought, right?

But fear naught. Unheeded Warnings is one cool record. And we need more of this. But only once our ears healed again, that is.

Record Rating: 6/10 | LabelEverlasting Spew Records | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 24 June 2022


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