Newsflash: Allone go it Alone!

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People like to give advice about blogging. And one of them said to never, ever cover these underground bands. The ones with scathingly bad marketing skills, who never really released any ‘trve’ record. Those that think a Bandcamp account or some Facebook page are worthy substitute websites that will take them to the next level. Somewhere, near to stardom nirvana.

The bands that are either ideologically charged or want to live the dream of the famed underground band, condemned forever to obscurity. Those that only play at illegal events, held in dark cellars and haunted by folk not usually seen on the streets during daylight. 

Only cover the big bands, they said. It will bring up your ratings, they said. And you know what? They are straight on. But at RMR we are a stubborn bunch. And we do like to cover that smelly underground from time to time.

And this brings us to Allone and their newest album Allone… that released in June 2019. Do spot the difference. And – indeed – this is one of these bands with only a Bandcamp account. And nothing much else in the marketing department, as it looks like.

But they shall be forgiven.

Because their unique mix of Extreme Metal is just too sweet to not cover it. Built on astonishingly good sound quality, Allone let loose a black tsunami of sound waves from the abyss of hottest, glowing metal. And truly, their pretty unique sound has that ability to stick itself to your eardrums like liquid glue.

Black Metal with a solemn portion of Doom, with darkly ambient, yet crystal clear passages that are chased by clear voice monologues. Allone… boasts a relentless beat, a strange mix between Batushka, and – Loki help me – outfits like Summoning. With ambient and sometimes almost atmospheric sounds thrown in that offer hints of Sojourner and the likes.

Then Allone offer high-pitched rasps that may suddenly turn out to be clear-voice wails. Rasps in disguise, if you will. All of that on a foundation of tracks, none of which shorter than some eight minutes. With Ruins, an instrumental concoction, of a little more than 11 minutes. The one with a solo. All of that almost provides a ritualistic sound and feel that some Black Metal outfits indulge in.

So – by Loki – Allone… turned out to be some metal offering of almost avant-garde proportions. An album that turned endlessly on the RMR Mighty Sound Machine. Because – first – this is real, high-quality Extreme Metal. And – second – because the band navigates so far off the beaten path that we could not get enough of their varied and spirited offering.

All of that made by a band of true promise. Yet one that apparently decided to remain in this aforementioned obscurity. If only they would decide to emerge out into the open a little more, they’d probably make a killing. But hey, who am I?

Have a taste:

Label: Aesthetic Death | Web: Bandcamp
Release date: 9 June 2019

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