Newsflash: Banned From Hell predicts humanity’s downfall!

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You know, sometimes a tune just sticks like mud on a wall. And this just so happened with the Italian band Banned From Hell and their second album Fall of Humanity. The description says Horror Metal. And this, too, got my attention.

And indeed, there is this hint of master Dracula sitting in the great hall playing on his organ from hell. Whilst he impatiently waits for his next victim to arrive.

But what have we got ourselves?

In fact, the complexity and structure Banned From Hell use kinda resemble stuff Carach Angren often embarks on. No perfect fit, I agree, but still. It is there, this connection.

Complex, meaty riffs and solos mix with a Scandinavian-flavored slab of Melodic Death Metal. Throw in some deathcore elements and mix them with Progressive Metal from the dark side of the moon. Even the somewhat ghastly use of ELA-flavored keyboards grouchily mix with the rest of this metal brew.

And this is what will make you pause and step back to give this record some more time. I daresay, Fall of Humanity will not be every metalhead’s shot of whiskey. But if you like your drink fiery, complex, well stirred, and never boring, then this one is yours.

Banned from Hell came into being in 2010 in Florence. In the midst of the beautiful Toscana region. They released their first EP in 2012.

Good stuff, I like it.  

Label: Sliptrick Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 30 June 2016

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