Newsflash – Black Absinthe show Early Signs of Denial!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Black Absinthe - Early Signs of Denial - Album Cover

Black Absinthe! Ah, a hint of the forbidden and past debauchery, but it is not the green fairy, it is the black one. From Canada, no less. An interesting choice for a band name, getting you really interested in what’s actually coming to you.

The band just served their newest EP Early Signs of Denial to the drinking – ahem – the music-loving public. And it is a good one to boot. 

Being very active in and around the Toronto scene since 2011, they will now focus on a cleaner, heavier and more professionally produced sound going forward to reach the masses.

Then they up the ante.

In the bands own words, they plan to deliver – and I quote “…an emphasis of crushing modern tone, polished instrumental sections, soaring vocals and a blending of contemporary and classic metal.

And indeed: The way Black Absinthe mix a 80’s Stoner Hard Rock sound with Heavy Metal, swirling in crunchy riffs with just the right mix of some very mature solos will make you pause and listen. Add to that a thrashy whiff of NWOBHM and you about got the idea.

Now, usually an EP is (or should be) a cross-section of what a band can do, whetting your appetite of what could be coming next in that full length record that is surely to follow. And true to this, every track goes off in a slightly different direction, so this is a very varied disc of wonders and for sure not a record that will leave you bored. And all this in a very short blurb of some 26 minutes all told.

Let’s just hope that they do not lose this garage-esque live-band flavor in the future, crunching away with wanton abandon throughout the track list. I liked what I found in Early Signs of Denial, good stuff. A band to be watched. 

Now pass me that bottle and gimme some…


Label: Self-Released  | Web: Facebook

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