Newsflash – Black Absinthe show Early Signs of Denial!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Black Absinthe - Early Signs of Denial - Album Cover

Black Absinthe! Ah, a hint of the forbidden and past debauchery, but it is not the green fairy, it is the black one. From Canada, no less. An interesting choice for a band name, getting you really interested in what’s actually coming to you. The band just served their newest EP Early Signs of Denial to the drinking – ahem – the music-loving public and it is a good one to boot. 

Being very active in and around the Toronto scene since 2011, they will now focus on a cleaner, heavier and more professionally produced sound going forward to reach the masses. Then they up the ante: In the bands own words, they plan to deliver – and I quote “…an emphasis of crushing modern tone, polished instrumental sections, soaring vocals and a blending of contemporary and classic metal.Got hooked? Raid this some more...