Video: Black Absinthe are in The Wild!

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Some time back the Canadian band Black Absinthe got on RockmusicRaider’s mighty rock radar with their 2016 EP Early Signs of Denial. It was this raw mix of red-hot rock that really stuck, and earned them a spot on the RMR blog.

This time they are back with a pretty cool video featuring their flagship track The Wild.

To record the session, they went a-pirating outside of Toronto. A bit like the late Alestorm crew. And shot a jam video session on a pirate boat for kids (forsooth..) with a bunch of fans and friends. 

In the end, nobody got keelhauled in the process – so it appears at least. And the pirates for sure are no Blackbeards, more of the urban kind than bloodthirsty sea dogs. Down to the puny water cannons they probably used on unsuspecting victims.

But the clip captures the raw rocky power and pretty large swagger these guys project perfectly. I really liked the setting, energy, and – last, but not least – this rough-hewn type of rock’n’roll that just invites you to rock along.

Let’s hope that this decidedly talented bunch of musicians will deliver some new material anytime soon. 

Have some:

Ed’s note: The Wild of Black Absinthe and many others are available on the RockmusicRaider YouTube Channel. Why don’t you head over there, listen to some playlists, action that like button, and hit SUBSCRIBE.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 11 November 2017

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