Newsflash: Colosso test the Apocalypse!

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Aye, the four horsemen, straight from biblical horror stories central. One of the most charming tales this book has to offer.

And I love the idea. Looks like we have ourselves a theme right in line with today’s terror-ridden world of Corona angst and cheap fears of impending doom.

Colosso and their newest EP Apocalypse stepped right into this panicked mess our lives have become lately. And they do that with a Death Metal piece that I have rarely seen done this way lately. A varied piece of Extreme Metal served with a skill that matches the masters of dissonance like Dodecahedron.

And truly, once Pestilence in its blackened glory took off like Loathfinder on fucking steroids, we were hooked. That’s just what the Dark Lord ordered on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Or take the crusty War with its hinted melodics. But the cathedral Post Death Metal vibes on Death really pinned us down. Clear voice singing with ambients on an overly meaty Death Metal piece? That’s taking Extreme Metal to the next level.

In addition, Max Tomé had the wisdom to contract a different vocalist for each track. And this juicily mixes styles of interpretation with an almost flawless display of grinding metal to great effect. Another proof that the artful inclusion of guest musicians will increase the quality of any record out there.

So, yes. The RMR deck crew probably loaded this disk a few times too many into our mighty music machine. Which probably annoyed the neighbors, like. But – hey – the things you do, when you need to squeeze the last notes out of a short blurb like that.

But in truth, if a band has only 20 minutes available to make themselves heard, their offering must be compelling. And every friggin’ second counts to pummel your fans with your excellent fare. Apocalypse is one short record that had us rocking back on our heels. An absolutely delicious gluttony of what masterful Death Metal has to offer.

And this makes us yearn for more. And so will you, once you started on the record.

Meantime, here’s to some of Apocalypse‘s best:

LabelTranscending Obscurity | Web: Facebook
Release date: 14 February 2020

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