Newsflash: Loathfinder and the Great Tired Ones!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Loathfinder - The Great Tired Onces - Album CoverAh, methinks that the RMR team moves fast and furiously down that danger infested and tribulation-laden Doom Metal road lately. And down it goes, ever down this slippery pathway, until you hit the flagstones in yonder dark cave. This is where Loathfinder dwell and blast off their début offering The Great Tired Ones, signed to Godz of War Productions

Their brand of Blackened Doom Death Metal comes with a heavy slugging sound, seemingly telling of some unknown terror moving down on you. I just get a kick out of these downturned guitars and the low-fi growls that, together with the doomishly slow tempo, just seem to grind your bones into the ground. And the deeper you progress into this grinder, the more menacing this whole Lovercraft-esque piece of metal becomes. 

Let me also mention the disturbing album cover: Complete with the toothy spaghetti monster in the background, it perfectly captures the overall atmosphere of the EP. Fleshy red pit and dreary ruins included. That the tune was mixed and mastered by a service called Satanic Audio should not surprise anyone anymore after you survived this doomish tidal wave for the first time.

So, where does this land us? The Great Tired Ones provides the fan base with a meaty, blood-dripping and sepulchral, yet steely piece of metal. With just enough melody in there to hold your attention. You’ll end up looking over your shoulder after the 3rd listen. Don’t believe me? Try it out then.

Have some of that grinding doomishness:

The EP airs in April 2017. 

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