Coma Hole, Good ol’ Stoner, and some Grunge?

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Ah, the things you can do with a single bass guitar, a good drum kit, and smoky female vocals. Coma Hole here are one of the rare bands on RMR that will make do without the usual lead guitar. Instead, they slap dat bass as you’ve never seen before with sometimes amazing results. The last band that really made an impression like that on us were the dear departed ones of Riti Occulti.1) And that was back in – 2016.

So, here the RMR review board let Coma Hole‘s debut EP roar and they were truly intrigued. The record takes off with a shamanesque drone-laden Stoner intro that should let Heilung pale with envy with its somewhat archaic earthiness. But we really appreciated the crescendo-like progression later that not only gorges on Stoner but also injects a slight flavor of grunge into its somewhat doomy fray. And this means that punk is never far away from what the band is doing. Ah, that feeling of good ol’ red-hot rock high on whatever substance was ‘en vogue’ back in the ’70s and ’80s.

There are three ingredients to that spicy rock stew Coma Hole present to us. Two of them go to Eryka Fir. And those are her powerful pipes AND her ability to bewitch her bass guitar to no end that had us transfixed. Albeit that her often somewhat monotonous belting started to weigh on us after a while. Now, after listening to that somewhat unstoppable force, one would think that the drummer dude only serves as the seasoning on that juicy slab of rock. But not so, the third ingredient truly is Steven Anderson‘s almost picture-perfect drumming. The RMR deckhands often marveled at this amazing ability to lock the drums to the tune. And this – in turn – provides the volume this record needs to avoid sounding somewhat flat.

In the end and some negatives notwithstanding, Coma Hole presented us with a roaringly good rock piece. Deliciously raw, reasonably brutal, and full of hooks and neat ideas.

And if that first EP is that proverbial indicator of what the future has in store for this band, we can’t wait to get our hands on that upcoming full-length record. Even if the band today claims that they have no further plans. But that would be a pity, right?

Oh, and where’s that official video? Not on these shores (yet), methinks. In the meantime, have a taste of this.

Ed’s note: Congrats, the piece made it onto the 2022 Top 3 Videos and EPs! And, fancy more stoner? If so, we’d suggest Purple Dawn. True retro rock, steamingly good.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook (Band)
Release Date: 22 April 2022


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