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You’ve got those rare metal pieces that just talk to you. Those that project this visceral connection to your metallic inner self if you get my drift. And this is the way it should be. Metal that docks onto your brain receptors like there’s no tomorrow. Whoever needs vitamins, when you can have all sorts of metal, right?

The debut EP Colossus of Fer de Lance is one of those. A truly epic mix of Heavy, Doom, and – yes – some pretty slow-motion, crazily tilted Power Metal that took the RMR office suite by storm.

True, the band is still pretty far away from the masters of the epic and theatrical bombast. But already the start of the EP with those acoustics on City in the Sea that disintegrate into a full, slow-marching metal attack really hooked me. By the time Colossus – the title track – came along, I was sold. It’s one of those powerful pieces that follow you around for hours after taking off the headphones.

Albeit that wrapping an overly lengthy track of almost 7 minutes around a single, ever-returning theme/riff is not really to its advantage. Despite some hypnotic qualities and an attempt to juice things up some by mid-point, some three minutes might have had a much better effect.

This maddeningly simple songwriting style is one of the major weak points of Colossus. And that’s a pity. And this regardless if their tune positively gorges with fully epic, loud, and tastily metallic hooks or not.

Yet again, the piece is truly powerful with a sweet pull. And made by musicians that know their stuff. To give Fer de Lance credit, it may also very well be that listening to this record on earphones or loudspeakers is the wrong medium.

In other words, their tune positively screams for a live performance. The band seems to think so, too, by the way. As they say, and I quote, “epic metal of this breadth and heroics is deserving of a live audience the world over”. There you go. Speak about a healthy swagger and a heroic one at that. But they have a point.

Finally, Colossus – as a harbinger of new metal delights to head our way from this band – has delivered beautifully. There are outfits that know how to do Epic Metal and Fer de Lance surely is one of them. This is one very tight and tastily crunchy piece of red-hot alloy.

Give ’em a try, you may want a slice.

And now we are hungry for more. And I hope that the band will make good on their threat to write more music throughout 2020. We’d truly like to see a sequel.

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Ed’s note: Fer de Lance released a new album. Check it out.

LabelCruz del Sur Music | Web: Official Band Site
Release date: 27 March 2020

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