10 Most Popular Posts @ RMR – Edition II

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Howdy fans and friends!

A long while ago, the RMR deck crew issued that first attempt at glory. A list of most popular posts. Those that stuck with the audience, appreciation expressed through the sheer force of a great many clicks.

Since our last measurement, things changed dramatically and RockmusicRaider progressed further down that road to blog nirvana. In other words, from being totally on the outskirts of the metal music blogosphere, we find ourselves today at least somewhat more center stage. So, compared to our first attempt, there’s a tad more oomph behind our stats this time.

It is true that the RMR crew fancies rock, folk and – for sure – metal, old and new. But I find it fascinating that the old records still bear a lot of weight with many of the readers. So much so that this list almost turned into a UFO / Uriah Heep event. But hey, check out the selection below and judge by yourself. And remember, the choice was all yours. We just crunched the numbers.

Let’s begin!

RockmusicRaider - Number 10

UFO – Force It (1975) – Review

The RMR deck crew always thought this record to be of almost no consequence in terms of new stellar tracks. A good record, but no real claim to fame to speak of. Albeit that the band did add significant power into the mix – and it showed. Kinda Phenomenon times two. But here, the readers granted a much more favorable judgment to this record than we thought possible. Indeed, a popular record right there and after all that time.

RockmusicRaider - Number 9

Uriah Heep – Salisbury (1971) – Review

Oh yeah, baby! I could not agree more. This Uriah Heep album really was one astounding piece of early progressive rock. It’s also a controversial record with its high-pitched wails and its pretty strange rock attack. One could even call it early metal in some instances. But whatever this may be, there’s still lots of interest in its strangely psychedelic airs.

RockmusicRaider - Number 8

Uriah Heep – Demons and Wizards (1972) – Review

Ha! Here’s to a case of unabated popularity. This album already shone brightly on our former listing. And it is still here after all these years, and deservedly so. Demons and Wizards packs a mighty punch and it is considered by many as THE best album this band ever did. And our stats seem to confirm the rule.

RockmusicRaider - Number 7

Gloryhammer – Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards (2015) – Review

Yet another survivor of former glory, but this record did lose that pole position somewhat fierce. But who can really resist wanton space travels with unicorns and enraged goblins? We can’t, nor can our readers, methinks. And rightly so.

RockmusicRaider - Number 6

UFO – Obsession (1978) – Review

Now, this is another astonishing find. True, Obsession still is popular among UFO fans. But was it the best album they ever did? Probably not. Yet, the album and – in turn – the review remain popular with many a fan. A sweet pull towards times long gone. They made stellar rock back then after all, didn’t they?

RockmusicRaider - Number 5

Top 10 Songs of Uriah Heep!

This article really enjoys the popularity of a rock star. But there have been complaints, too. Those readers opined that our choice was slightly skewed and that the RMR crew left out many other good-to-great tracks. That’s a point well made, by the way. Only, here we have 10 spots open for revision, so tough choices await at every corner. Yet, for those who fancy a broader choice, why not head over to our Spotify playlist? And if you do, give us a follow. That’ll help – with our sincere thanks.

RockmusicRaider - Number 4

RMR’s 2017 Top 10 Records

Well, what can I say? Top 10 record lists are popular with our fan base. But then again, 2017 was a pretty neat year and we had lots of interesting findings. Fan interest and the delivery of music go hand in hand, that’s for sure.

RockmusicRaider - Number 3

Heilung – Lifa (2018) – Review

Heilung are an intriguing bunch. And so think many of our readers, too. This review overtook many other established articles in no time. And the demand for it continues to this day. Quality speaks by itself methinks, and this is one band that will still go far.

RockmusicRaider - Number 2

RMR’s 2016 Top 10 Records

The tally in 2017 already showed that post at the #2 position – and it did not budge since. By Jove, your support for this list has continued throughout the years. The RMR deck crew continues to be thrilled, of course. Keep up the support for one of the most popular top 10 lists of all times.

RockmusicRaider - Number One

Batushka: Hospodi or Panihida? A controversy made in Black Metal Hell!

And drumroll! Controversy sells in more ways than one. It is not only the number of records sold, of course. But it’s also counted in clicks generated by an audience hungry for more information. And Batushka’s case got especially pertinent, as all wanted to know what happened to this band that got us this stellar Black Metal piece in 2015. Well, why dontcha follow the link and check things out.


Okay, that’s it for now. This edition of what is considered most popular by you – fans and friends – was a real eye-opener for us. And it gave us the courage to continue down that road we chose. Let’s meet again in a year or two to take stock and discuss what really rocks your world. And keep up the support, will ya?

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