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Spring’s coming (we hope) and I went searching for some California feel-good music. You know, that snazzy piece of rock that will make you pull down the soft-top, so that the hot sun can burn the skin off your ass. To cruise North along the bars of Malibu on your way to the beach, with surfboards, and what have you.

So, here Jo Below‘s No Control hit me with their carefree brand of rock ‘n’ roll that comes with the slightly smoky voice of Johanna Kari. Only, they’re not from Californian Pacific Coast, but from – Finland of all places. So, looks like there’s some sun up there if they produce music that makes me wanna break out my surf gear.

But then, thinking about it, the lyrics are less of the carefree kind. Yet, their brand of rock constantly reminds me of earlier Train1) with some of the snazzy vibes the long-defunct Last Bullet brought to the table. And sometimes, it feels like they’re holding back those amps. A bit like somebody hid a Corvette Stingray somewhere in a bland wooden mockup of an age-old Cadillac. You hear ‘er roar, but she never comes out.

Like when Ms. Kari bitches away on No Control (the title track) in a sneering way that usually comes from the corner Lzzy Hale viciously occupies. Because suddenly there’s real fire in her voice, and I like that. Some sniveling aggression, an energy that we should have had more of. Just sayin’.

Ultimately, Jo Below deliver a slab of rock that will just make you want more. Well-rounded, neatly arranged rock ‘n’ roll that occupied our boomboxes way too long for its lone 18 minutes of fun. But next time, do let that animal out of its cage, we need a bit more overall angriness and power. More dirt and less political correctness, that should be the game.

And hey, if that happens, this might even incite me to crazily pump up the amps with some Jo Below in my snazzy muscle car once I cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway. Who knows, right?

But before we forget it, here’s to some taste of No Control for ye. Enjoy!

Ed’s note: Fancy more feelgood Californian vibes? If so, try Jestr.

Label: Inverse Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 16 April 2021


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