Newsflash: Fifteen Minutes of Pain with Nightmen!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Nightmen - Fifteen Minutes of Pain - Album Cover Ha! Somebody just stepped out of their garage and started rocking away! In a 70’s to 80’s style Punk Rock, Pop Rock and plain rock’n’roll that will just take you on a ride. And no, they are not based in the US of A. 

We talk about the Swedish band Nightmen and their second blurb Fifteen Minutes of Pain, released in April 2016. 

And true to one of their stated main influences, the Ramones are very (and I mean very) discernible in the 28 minutes of tune, covering a whopping 12 tracks. A lot of variety is crammed into this very short period of time, something other bands would need more than one hour to achieve. However, some of that stuff ventures way too much out onto poppy ground – and ’tis not to their advantage. 

That said, their seemingly simple songs are nothing of the sort. Whilst still a tad repetitive by design and style, the tracks on Fifteen Minutes of Pain are generally well crafted and straight to the point. Their raunchy, juicy and scratchy sound has this tendency to kidnap your attention away from other things and make you listen to the whole record.

I particularly like the fact that Nightmen boast three vocalists out of a band of four, which is not too often found in the music industry. And it for sure keeps things interesting throughout the record. Now, Christine Björk really wins the prize in this contest. Just check out Baby on The Run or Beach Party.

And what is this record doing on a blog that basically deals in Metal and Hard Rock?

Well, it is here because they are good. As simple as that. And they are proof that Punk Rock is not dead yet. Just check it out.


Label: Lövely Records  | Web: Facebook

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