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RockmusicRaider Review - Infected Syrens - Self-Titled - Album Cover RockmusicRaider already covered a number of bands from Cyprus. Blynd or again Arrayan Path come to mind – to name just two. But never did we get a band like Infected Syren on the review list that seems to originate from the London East End much more than coming from an island in the Med.

And they are sinners. You don’t think they are? They are, for sure. Vile, rotten language. Spitting about the stage. Loud, brutal and fast guitar play with reckless abandon. Rebellious, ruthless screaming of vocals in a staccato voice seemingly reaching us from the past, straight from the ’70s. Devil-may-care innuendo at every dark turn of the record. Tracks slightly too long, away from the inherent two-minute madness many of their brethren like to indulge in – a blasphemy for the purists active within that genre. And – to the point made above – the band actually exchanges locations between Cyprus and London. Which adds to their credence in the genre and explains a lot. 

Infected Syren for sure make quite an entry with their self-titled début full length that just released this early 2018. The record delivers Punk Rock straight from the realms of the Sex Pistols. Or that is how it sounds at first. You will actually get a more diverse, spicy and edgy brand of Punk Rock than the old traditions hungrily demand. Kind of a rockier, metal-esque and power-infused version of the traditional piece Nightmen delivered some time ago. Or imagine Nirvana without the grunge, if you will.

In fact, they weave a lot of Thrash Metal, AC/DC-esque Hard Rock riffs and other styles into their snotty creation. The scratchy, kind of simplistic solos add to the melée and deliver an astonishingly mighty punch. So much so that the RMR deck crew forgave them the brevity and plain-vanilla structure of their solo creations.

For those who think Punk Rock gave up the ghost already a long time ago, think again. This band is alive and kicking since 2011 and brings a drive and groove to their tune that you really need to search for these days. The media claim that since their inception, Infected Syren amassed an important crowd of followers. And that statement indeed has the ring of truth to it. Do you know why? Because their stuff sounds genuine, straight from the gutter, angry and mutinous. Yet still light-hearted enough in some instances to keep things really interesting. In a way, exactly what their genre is supposed to be – with that little, cheeky extra that will make you keep your earphones on. That some band members are active in the genre since the ’90s just adds to the overall picture. 

And they pack some real punch, make no mistake. Every track Infected Syren spits out, further pours their credo into rock-hard concrete all over again. And they somewhat stubbornly stick to their guns, not weaving one iota from their path. Which – in a way – is what they set out to do.

Too stubbornly perhaps? Maybe so. Because sometimes the band tries to polish this bad boy image of theirs a bit too enthusiastically. To the point that things get repetitious, kind of revisiting places they went before time and time again. Inherent duplication and reiteration is a malady found with many punk outfits. They want to be bad so badly, yet only have limited means to do so, that it starts to wear out their fans some. Because there is only so much you can do to be a bad boy, short of going on a self-destructive binge tour that will end in your own demise. 

Infected Syren call their style – and I quote – “sick music for sick people”. Now, whilst there is certainly an amount of ‘sick’ in their tune, the record delivers a refreshing, unusual, metal-coated, yet still typical brand of Punk Rock to your sound system. And this is what makes them stand out from the crowd with a style unique enough to let them shine.

Cool album. We hope to hear more from Infected Syren in the years to come.

Editor’s note: The record successfully made it onto the Intermittent Digest – Tome VII. Contrats!


Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook

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