Malacoda rerelease Ritualis Aeterna!

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Malacoda flapped about the RMR office’s mutual conscience for a long while already, like one of them big fat vampire bats. The ones from places where the moon reigns supreme with its big, shiny fangs. Their EP Ritualis Aeterna initially released in December 2016 and now got on global distribution by this January 2018.

Named after a character in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno, Malacoda take the idea of Gothic Metal to the next level. The band paints this vivid, slightly decadent debauchery of soundscapes in bold baroque and Victorian strokes. Some sort of delicious, epic pandemonium, slightly reminiscent of Kamelot¬†with a hint of Fleshgod Apocalypse and – at times – early Xandria.

Despite its shortness, Ritualis Aeterna conveys a sense of symphonic, darkly melodic complexity that may repel you with its tendency to gripe electronically at first. Yet the EP risks sticking because of the band’s prowess to weave multifaceted undercurrents into a palatable amalgam of tunes. A tasty morsel of refined metal, if there ever was one.

So, here is to Ritualis Aeterna, the record that did not get enough attention by the RMR deck crew the first time around. Yet, now it finally got redeemed. Better late than never, right?

Malacoda are:
Lucas Di Mascio – vocals, bass, keys

Cooper Seldon – guitar
Daniel Alonzi – guitar
Michael Farina – drums

And here is a taste of their dark art. Ritualis Aeterna alright, I give them that.

Label: Rockshots Records | Web: Official Site
Release date: 2 December 2016

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