Newsflash: An Outsider, Rhine’s sophomore due soon!

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Mixing Progressive Metal with Death Metal, blacken it a bit, add ambient and post-metal atmospherics, chew well, and then spit out. This is Rhine, originating from the cold North of Seattle.

They already gave us a taste of their savoir-faire with their decidedly heavy-to-digest 2011 concoction Duality. And are now ready with their sophomore album An Outsider, seared over a hot fire, out in February 2016.

Rhine primarily produce big epic and progressive themes. A bizarre mix of metal styles, a hodgepodge containing death, extreme, progressive, and post. With an occasional slight blackening at times, but never to a point that would make me call that stuff Black Metal.

The band spices this epic cake up with the occasional acoustics and ambient sounds. The band excels in some sort of an unhinged style very much like Todtgelichter, the tragic Death is Liberty with some Wilderun stirred in. And boy do they like beating heavy dissonance around your eyebrows at every moment, then going soft and gloomy on ye all of a sudden.

This leads to a unique brand that will stick to you like glue. A piece of Alternative Metal if there ever was one. And it will keep you on your toes, as you never know what will be around the next corner.


A taste of An Outsider for ye:

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook

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