Newsflash: Under Siege – a metallic taste of the past!

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Damn. The Italian band Under Siege somehow got under the wheels of the mighty RMR review queue for their self-titled album released at the beginning of 2018. Not for any explicable reason, though.

But the good news is, the album finally resurfaced again. Management will however have to have a word with the deck crew for such insubordination. But I will spare you the details of that particular pep talk.

I admit, first I thought we were joining a friggin’ tattoo. You know, one of these events, where marching bands and others happily celebrate tradition, wear bizarre garb, and hack away on their archaic war instruments. Because at first, Under Siege lustily blow the bagpipes in Blàr Allt Nam Bànag.

But never fear. Things get cornier just after a few moments and the track really shows its metallic side. 

Move over, Kanseil. Somebody just stole your sunshine.

Under Siege‘s brand of metal inhabits the realms of Death Metal-infused Folk Metal. Kind of a mix of the aforementioned folks from Fregona in Italy, the red-blooded and vigorous chanting of Incursed and the roughly hewn and brutal thrash of Stortregn.

And that really takes the cake.

The record releases a relentless bounty of energy, and a variation in styles, sounds, and flavors. This kinda feels like riding into battle on a mighty destrier, armor slapped on your back and lance at the ready. Most of the time. Because the record surely has its soothing qualities, too.

Under Siege refreshingly varies their style pretty much on all of those tracks. The album boasts a stellar sample of what this band is able to do. From real Folk complete with chanting to steely Folk Metal. You got it all. Yet again, ’tis nothing of the weak tea traditional folk outlets serve us with. Naught, and I repeat, nothing is feeble on this album. 

So, if you are up to a steamy mix of Death and Folk Metal with a few added acoustic flavors, then Under Siege should definitely be part of your music collection. This is the real thing.

Under Siege are:
Paolo Giuliani – Vocals, Bagpipes
Daniele Mosca – Guitars, Backing Vocals
GianLuca Fiorentini – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Livio Calabresi – Bass, Backing Vocals
Marzio Monticelli – Drums

Give ’em a listen. A piece of tasty metal beckons you.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook (band)
Release date: 2018

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