All Reviews set to English @ RMR!

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Ah, contrite Rockmusicraider needs to report a questionable decision. A long time ago, the RMR crew chose to issue reviews and – potentially – news pieces in local language as well as in the generally accepted English format.

Of course only if someone of the deck crew actually would master the language and the artists involved would Рby the same token Рpredominantly use the lingo. In other words, no Google Translate ever with its sometimes bizarre outcomes. This netted a series of reviews in a language natural to the fan crowd. Or Рat least Рthis is what we thought.

So, there you go. Sounds cool and easy, right?

Multi-language sites are perfectly feasible, of course. But for a blog site with a gazillion of posts, this might not necessarily be to the liking of the writing staff. Especially if there’s limited time available, staff issues to attend to, and management with unseemly demands to boot. And not to forget, this also risks to confuse search engines and could potentially deteriorate into a problem with SEO.

So, highest instances at RockmusicRaider decreed that some serious housekeeping will be in order to clean up all those ‘foreign language’ posts that polluted the landscape and stood out like sore thumbs altogether. Yep, that’s the words they used. Foreign language, forsooth. And luckily, there aren’t all that many reviews outside of the Anglo-Saxon realm.

The posts that changed identity!

For those of our fans and readers who stumbled upon those weirdo reviews in strange tongues and understood strictly nada, here’s the list of posts that we liberated recently.

What I found truly interesting is that these bands often chant away in local speak, but ultimately communicate in English (and in local lingo, when they must). So, that’s a friggin’ identity crisis right there.

So, hey, do give those newly posted reviews some love, will ya. And do let us know down below if you’d prefer reviews in a different language. It will be a mighty stretch, but for you, we’ll probably entertain the idea again.

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