Newsflash: 80-69-64 – Magic code By Last Bullet!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Last Bullet - 80-69-64 - Album CoverI think the Canadians have a penchant for the South. It really looks that way. And who can blame them. Would you want to stay in the cold North when sun drenched highways, whiskey galore, bikes, dusty bars and hot chicks beckon you? Well, whilst most stay put, they at least portray this Southern Rock feeling through their tune. RockmusicRaider already covered bands like the folks from Vinyl Hero or others screaming about the soundscape in best Mad Max fashion. Albeit not from this genre. 

Now, some folks make me want to break out the next bottle of bourbon when I start on their music. And part of that group are Toronto badass rockers Last Bullet. They come in with a swagger and a dissident rebel streak that resounds well in the RMR officescape. I really like their credo to kick the friggin’ political correctness out the door. And let raw, roughly hewn rock and panem et circenses pour in. Need proof? The band just unchained the locks to their newest EP 80-69-64. And it shows. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!