The Rasmus – The Rasmus (2012) – Review

I was very worried about the not-so-stellar solo performance of Lauri Ylönen produced in his 2011 solo album 'New World'. This  sounded like some kind of a bad to worse development of former terrors, along the line of what we saw happening in 'The Rasmus' last record. But - to our good fortune - this did not happen in this new record.

The Rasmus – Black Roses (2008) – Review

Not sure if this is really good, shifting away from their former style into the Pop Rock arena, that is. And  some of my co-reviewers call this Hard Rock - LOL. To their credit, still some (but only some) of their metal sting that was more prevalent before has been sustained. But by and large the Finnish band 'The Rasmus' has landed a pretty good, but very gloomy next step in their career.

I was quite pleased to listen to some crunchier sound (well, in truth, only partly..) emerging in their 7th studio album 'Black Roses'.