Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls (2015) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review Iron Maiden Book of Souls - Album CoverAfter the ’90s disasters Iron Maiden got themselves into with weak records all along these years, I grew discouraged and dropped them pretty much from my Metal radar. But now – after some investigation into the 2000s records – decided to give it another try. And I am mighty glad I did. Undoubtedly, The Book of Souls is Iron Maiden at its finest, but their 16th studio album also comes away with a twist.

The style is definitely slower and a little heavier. Are they getting older? A tad too much beer brewing or airplane flying in the five years since the last record came out? Well, hells bells, maybe so, but still this is stellar Metal that real metalheads will crave. And it is a double album too, at 92 minutes of total Iron Maiden bliss also the longest they ever did. And putting the pedal to the metal like this after a distinguished career of some 40 years or so. Impressive!  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!