Newsflash: Silverbones – Pirate Metal from Italy out soon!

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Silverbones - Wild Waves - Album Cover

Spicy! Scottish, beer guzzling pirate meets Italian corsair. Ha! Alestorm and the likes have got company in the Pirate Metal universe! Even if we do not quite know if Alestorm is still alive and kickin’, given their sudden career change, now employing astral dwarves with their new outfit Gloryhammer! But here a worthy heir to this powerful fleet presents itself, in the less astral and very real form of Silverbones – mighty #metal pirates from the South.

The band is preparing to unmoor their début full length album Wild Waves thisSilverbones 2016 June 2016, supported by Stormspell Records. Featuring [...] Click to raid more!