Alestorm – Sunset on the Golden Age (2014) – Review

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You have got to give it to them. Whatever Christopher Bowes and his gang of merry troubadours touch is fun to listen to. Sometimes too intense for their own good or slightly overdone in reckless cheesiness, but never too serious.

And always delivered with an eyewink of sorts. Their personas reach from the Davy Jones-infested waters of Alestorm to galaxy-hopping goblins in Gloryhammer.

Now this time we descend from bewildering space goblins to some more basic needs Heavy Metal pirates have. And turn the clock back to 2014, when Alestorm‘s fourth full-length record Sunset on the Golden Age[...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash: Silverbones – Wild Waves. Pirate Metal from Italy out soon!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Silverbones - Wild Waves - Album Cover

Spicy! Scottish, beer-guzzling pirate meets Italian corsair. Ha! Alestorm and the like have got company in the Pirate Metal universe! Even if we do not quite know, if Alestorm is still alive and kickin’, given their sudden career change. They are now employing astral dwarves with their new outfit Gloryhammer! 

But here a worthy heir to this powerful fleet presents itself, in the less astral and genuine form of Silverbones – mighty metal pirates from the South.

Silverbones 2016

The band successfully unmoored their debut full-length album Wild Waves in June 2016. Featuring mainly Power and Heavy Metal infused pirate delights, the album will take you on a pretty … [...] Click to raid more!