Iron Kingdom – The Blood of Creation (2022) – Review

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Iron Kingdom - The Blood of Creation - Album Cover

Whoa, these guys will be up against some stiff competition. 2022 has been a pretty good year for Heavy Metal over at the RMR office tower. And as always, some of the material was excellent and some parts less so. That said, however, some of this year’s output wasn’t quite pvre heaviness anymore. In other words, contaminations from other genres crept in. Albeit sometimes to great effect, so it’s not all bad. But still, we seem to have trouble these days keeping to the spirit of the ’70s and ’80s, a time when the NWoBHM1) was in full … [...] Click to raid more!

Henry Metal – So It Hath Begun (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Henry Metal - And So It Hath Begun - Album Cover

You have records that follow you around like some sort of a ghost. They lurk in the background, hide in the corners of your auditory senses. With a sound that is kinda good, but not really good.

Sturdy metal that should warrant your attention, but then again doesn’t captivate. Because the vile mainstream raises its ugly head each time you pick up the record, out of a morass of same, same but different. Stuff we somehow heard before in a misty broth of elements loosely strung together with guitar strings. This so happened with Henry Metal and his 2107 debut [...] Click to raid more!

Video: Lion’s Share have Another Desire!

RockmusicRaider Video - Lion's Share - Another Desire Sometimes they do wake up again after all from their endless beauty sleep. Like the proverbial mummy returning from the dead, Imhotep and all. Metal bands sometimes take a hiatus – a pause to reflect. Not that the band members themselves personally do nothing. It’s just that band activity dies down to an inanimate state in suspension, very much like death itself. 

So happened with the Heavy Metal outfit Lion’s Share from Sweden. For long years since their 2009 album Dark Hours got unleashed we have not really heard back from them in terms of new releases. Now they plan [...] Click to raid more!

Khemmis – Hunted (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Khemmis - Hunted - Album Cover

I think the likes of Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride just got themselves some serious company. But with a grungy flavor that constantly reminds me of the 2015 piece Crypt Sermon wrote.

Now, where is this terrible name-calling coming from already at the beginning of a review?

Well, the sophomore effort Hunted of the American band Khemmis does that to you. This is not to say that they are skimming off other bands too hard, just to be clear. They place themselves slam into this Doom Metal universe that other sad warriors already occupy for some time.

And Hunted

[...] Click to raid more!