Crypt Sermon – Out of the Garden (2015) – Review

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The compression hits you first. And that is unfortunate. Yet, the often Heavy Metal flavored Doom Metal style of the US band Crypt Sermon nevertheless managed to keep our attention.

Out of the Garden is the first full-length album of this young band. And the RMR deck crew really dug their savvy style and crunchy delivery right off the bat. This band truly wields a pretty hefty Doom Metal ball. One that flies true, straight and remains solidly on target.

To spice things up, the band formed not so long ago from different corners of the metal universe, starting with a first demo in 2014. Their style indeed contrasts well vis-à-vis more traditional outfits like Draconian or My Silent Wake that released records that same year. In a way, there’s a pretty striking similarity to new outfits like Sorcerer that also base their doom on Heavy Metal that should make Dio proud.

The RMR deck crew clearly liked the somewhat frugal setting. Two guitars, bass, pretty heavy drum work, high reaching vocals, that’s it. No evil little keyboard or other mean elements to pollute their tune. And all that delivered with loads of spice from one Brooks Wilson who delights with sometimes pretty crafty Heavy Metal battle cries in the midst of all that doom-infused ocean of tears.

The rough, scratchy sound without ornaments of any kind displayed in this record is really, REALLY good. And this interspersed with not nearly enough guitar solos, really makes for a unique identity that this band clearly seeks to build. All ingredients are prevalent for a potential stellar career.

And I like that!

We already find too much symphony in other things that like to call themselves metal.

Out of the Garden starts somewhat grungily enough at first. And continues to hover at the edge, but almost ever stays true to Doom Metal at its finest otherwise. 

Also, other contributors to the genre like Candlemass or Black Sabbath’s stellar, last album 13 come to mind once the disc starts to turn. Having said that, the band clearly has opportunity to work on their style some more. I detect a certain lack of crispness and clarity. And attribute that renders other gigs’ creations really outstanding but are missing in that one. 

Crypt Sermon take no prisoners and start on you with Temple Doors, with some hardened groove of Doom Metal. And this will remain prevalent throughout the 7 track record. 

Out of the Garden goes full Doom by Byzantium, which really pounds you to dust with its heavy, slow beat. One of my favorites. Noteworthy of the remaining tracks are Heavy Riders and Into the Holy of Holies. But none of the remaining songs in this album are really bad. Yet again, that latter one really got to me. Once the acoustic weird shenanigans are duly beaten to death, the band goes ahead with this solemn, meaty beat. And again, Wilson’s screamy vocals kinda pull that one out of the mud big time.

And then, let me mention Out of the Garden, the title track. The one that combines Sabbath-esque chugging with that tasty little solo. And at the very end of the album, to boot. Just delicious.

Also, the record permeates an individualist notion to all of that doom metal stuff. Their tune quite closely connects to other US Doom Metal players like Pallbearer or Khemmis. Yet we do see a gap to the traditional players like Paradise Lost et al. 

Also, none of the tracks hover at the uniform 3-minute duration that human attention span is apparently able to endure. Clearly, the band wants their own style, not some copycat me-too bullshit approach that others try to adopt. A wayward seeming lack of political correctness and contumacy towards established norms. Very good!

Out of the Garden is a refreshing breath of air in one of the most difficult genres of the metal universe. Whilst clearly outplayed still by the masters, the record deserves a lot of respect. And I am looking forward to Crypt Sermon‘s next album which is surely going to release in a foreseeable future.

Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Dark Descent Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 24 February 2015

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