Video: Lion’s Share have Another Desire!

RockmusicRaider Video - Lion's Share - Another Desire Sometimes they do wake up again after all from their endless beauty sleep. Like the proverbial mummy returning from the dead, Imhotep and all. Metal bands sometimes take a hiatus – a pause to reflect. Not that the band members themselves personally do nothing. It’s just that band activity dies down to an inanimate state in suspension, very much like death itself. 

So happened with the Heavy Metal outfit Lion’s Share from Sweden. For long years since their 2009 album Dark Hours got unleashed we have not really heard back from them in terms of new releases. Now they plan to come back, but as a duo this time.

Like the lion at their drinking spot, the band now begins to test the waters first to see what direction their new concoction should take. And they do that with a meaty, new video with the telling name of Another Desire. The style (still) features this earthy Dio-esque feeling mixed with sharp gusts of early Judas Priest and a peppery whiff of Rainbow. So, in essence, they continue pretty much where they left off. But nothing wrong with that: Their brand of Heavy Metal is exactly what the doctor ordered. Real metal from a real band, sturdily delivered. Great to soothe my woes about the direction of the metal world these days. I like it.

‘Nuff said, though. Here is the video:

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