Alestorm – Seventh Rum of A Seventh Rum (2022) – Review

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Alestorm - Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum - Album Cover

Do you know Mallorca, the sunny island in the warm Mediterranean sea? A haven for cheap mass tourism and a modern Tortuga for the good ol’ booze-crazed party folk. And it’s also the questionable home of the Ballermann (for the Germans) or Magaluf (for you Brits reading this), seedy miles of artificial glitzy fun that spawned their very own gaudy pop stars. I kid you not.

The only thing that’s missing is probably a very own Alestorm Pirate Bar or something. A place to boost your moonshine-guzzling savvy up to that famed seventh rum. A tasty new opportunity for an … [...] Click to raid more!