The Vicious Head Society – Extinction Level Event (2021) – Review

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Ouch. From Abject Tomorrow to an Extinction Level Event. That’s what I call an upgrade, just think of the dinosaurs and their fate. From a dreary outlook of the future to total destruction. There you go.

This sounds a bit like being bumped up from the dregs of the infamous Cattle Train to the highest spheres of the ultimate First Class. There’s nothing higher than that, apart from Nirvana perhaps. A very dystopian nirvana, though. I think I’ll have a depressive panic attack right here. Where is that damned Xanax?

Yet all that abject medication apart, I quite … [...] Click to raid more!

The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow (2017) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - The Vicious Head Society - Abject Tomorrow - Album Cover

I already was a big fan of the complicated sound compilations of Progressive Rock and Metal way back in time. A time when music was only fun and games.


And I am not only thinking of the early records of the ’70s, but also of what happened later in the ’80s, when AC/DC and the NWoBHM ruled. Yet, the progressive folks kind of dwelled at the edge of this particular swamp of their own making.

Just transport yourself way back to bands like Styx, early Kansas, the corny old offerings of Yes, or the flute [...] Click to raid more!