Aexylium – Tales from this Land (2018) – Review

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Aexylium call their creation Folk Metal, like so many others before them. This made us expect some leafy representation of Huldre or a Gangnam version of Kanseil once the review crew started on the record. Who knows, right? Maybe one can concoct some catchy dance moves to the beat of bagpipes and hurdy-gurdy? Yet, little did we know what we were going to find. 

The Italians from Aexylium deliver a lusty tune with their debut full-length album Tales From This Land. Yet, the first thing you hear in Black Flag is full-tilt Power Metal – nothing really folksy. Alestorm galore, … [...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash: Degrees of Truth take the Reins of Life!

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Rockmusicraider Newsflash - Degrees of Truth - The Reins of Life - Album Cover

Okay, fire up your cauldron. Then, add a mighty dose of the early personification of Within Temptation, a dose of Epica with an equal measure of early Nightwish. Mix some age-old Styx flavored electronics to it without disintegrating into Amaranthe-esque antics. 

Boil and stir well.

This will about describe the style for the debut album The Reins of Life of the Italian band Degrees of Truth. But in truth (no pun intended), the above oversimplifies their offering greatly. The band describes their style as Progressive Symphonic Metal, and I would agree.

At times suffering from a [...] Click to raid more!