Newsflash: Degrees of Truth take the Reins of Life!

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Okay, fire up your cauldron. Then, add a mighty dose of the early personification of Within Temptation, a dose of Epica with an equal measure of early Nightwish. Mix some age-old Styx-flavored electronics into it without disintegrating into Amaranthe-esque antics. 

Boil and stir well.

This will about describe the style for the debut album The Reins of Life of the Italian band Degrees of Truth. But in truth (no pun intended), the above oversimplifies their offering greatly. The band describes their style as Progressive Symphonic Metal, and I would agree.

At times suffering from a somewhat breathless lengthiness and a slightly overdone sense of drama, this album is nevertheless an impressive feat for a debut. Their tune meanders from steely metal, over epic bombastic to dreamy, folksy melodies.

The intro – for once – aligns well with the theme. And the band takes off with astonishing professionalism. None of this would be possible, of course, without the contribution of the excellent Claudia Nora Pezzotta on vocals. And refreshing, sturdy riffing and soloing galore.

The Reins of Life comes complete with a theme addressing vast worldly issues, astonishingly with monologues. The excellent artwork was created by the gifted Gustavo Sazes, known for his work for Kamelot, Blynd, or Arch Enemy.

The band came to life in 2015 and issued a demo shortly thereafter. This 65-minute behemoth now comes a few short months after they started their operation.

Degrees of Truth are:
Claudia Nora Pezzotta – vocals
Gianluca Parnisari – keyboards
Graziano Franchetti – guitars
Luca Ravezzani – drums
Matteo Clark – bass

Whilst there definitely is room to improve, Degrees of Truth convince with a refreshing and technically outstanding style in an overcrowded genre that many claimed to be dying.

If Symphonic Metal is your thing, then go ahead and give it a listen. You’re gonna like it.

Label: Underground Symphony | Web: Official Site
Release date: 17 October 2017

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