Et Moriemur – Tamashii No Yama (2022) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Et Moriemur - Tamashii No Yama - Album Review

Some bands the RMR horde covers are way out there in the left field. And it’s not because they’re bad, it’s because they don’t give a damn about styles, conventions, and – seemingly – profits. They might lean a bit more this way or that, but by and large, they just do their thing.

The Czechs from Et Moriemur are one of those bands. They first appeared on our ‘zine with their 2014 piece Ex Nihilo in Nihilum to benevolent but still pretty limited applause. The RMR crew somewhat shamelessly ignored their pretty neat album Epigrammata from 2018. But their … [...] Click to raid more!