Video: Abschied by Ellende!

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Ellende - Abschied - Video Cover

Whoa, sometimes one doesn’t see the forest for the trees. The insane rush towards moar full-length reviews often lets us forget that other gems might be lurking in plain sight.

And sure enough. Not that long ago, RMR covered Ellende‘s Ellenbogengesellschaft, a perfect specimen of what we call Forest Metal over here. Abschied,1) one of the main contributions on the record spawned a pretty snazzy video that somehow got lost in the fray, until now.

Beautiful wood-laden landscapes trade places with an older couple trying to enjoy their last bright moments together. It’s all about departure and death that’s untimely anytime it happens. A pretty pristine production that perfectly syncs with the track itself.

And it shows once again. Real actors – Elena Rosberg and Wolfram Hermann-Hubler – truly make a difference. Mind you, this is no full-action mini-movie like other clips we covered before. On the contrary, the reel comes with quietly reflective cinematography showing moments in stark, strong pictures – until the bitter end. And all those moving pictures deliciously roll in on an avalanche of mid-tempo Atmospheric Black Metal.

It is also true that Abschied ain’t an easy message and the storyline may weigh heavily on the viewer. No rash action here, only melancholy emotion in moving pictures of gray, shades of brown, and green. But it’s exceedingly well executed, and thus deserves a mention on this ‘zine.

LabelAOP Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 27 July 2022


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